Rotring Compass Lead Insert 538 232

New old stock, from the 1980s.

The lead can be altered by either depressing or unscrewing the top plunger which opens the clutch to a required position.

Rotring developed the unit to attach to their Pump Technical Pen Compass to allow the user to easily switch between the technical pen and the pencil.

Made for a tight fit into these attachments which are not included in this sale.


William Mitchell’s Mapping Quill Pen

New old stock dating from the 1930s, perfectly useable after 90 years of careful storage.

Supplied with it’s original extra fine point nib.

The nib is placed externally whereas modern counterparts tend to hold the nib internally, making this set ever-so rare.

Without the card holder, though a print will be included.


Set of 4 colour plotter pens for Sharp, Casio, Atari and others EA-850C

New old stock dating from the 1980s. Becoming increasingly difficult to source.

Colour Pen Set (1 black, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 red)

Fully compatible with:

Casio FP-100, FA-10 and FA-11 Reference of the original pens BP-1 (color), BP-2 (black). Sharp CE-150, CE-1600P, CE-161P, CE-515P, CE-516P, MZ-1P01, MZ-1P16, MZ-700, MZ-731 and PC-2500. Reference of the original pens EA-850C (color), EA-852C (color) and EA-850B (black). Atari 1020 Canon X-710 Commodore 1520 Oric MCP40 Silver Reed EB50 Astron MCP-40 Brother MCP-80 And many others like: Genera,LBC-1100 Panox, CL-1000, Gould DS 1604, OS 450, Gravenstein GAT,Heinemann AT22, HMT 23, GSI 27, 27A, 28, 28A, Hohmoth Combi 2000, Rhino 200, 2002, 4000, Tymp-Rhino-Combi, Diagnostk-Center, Hörniß & Zeisberg IMP 88 / 89, Horstmann Ultrascan, Interacoustics AT22, Laser PP 40, Loewe PBT 03, Mitutoyo Digimatic Miniprozessor, DP-3DX, DP-2, NEC, PC-6022, Silver Reed EB50, National Matsushita AK-P200, AK-P400C, RK-P400C, NDC PC 6022, Otopront Digitale, Oric MCP 40,Panox CL-1000, , BP 1 , BP 2, Shiruba EB-50, JB-10, Siemens Oscilla D 1040, Silver Reed, EB50, Sony, PRN-C41, Steinmeier, Audiomed, SAT 10, SAT 20, SAM 200, Color BoySony PRN-C 41, Tandy Marco Plotter / Radio Shack, 26-1192, CGP-115, PC-2, Texas Instruments HX-1000


Panasonic Interface Adaptor Parallel KX-R60

Extremely rare interface allowing the connection of a Personal Computer to compatible Panasonic Typewriters.

In full working order, tested with a Microsoft Windows machine using it’s parallel port located on the motherboard.

The compatible Panasonic models for this adapter are:

(UK Models)
KX-R191, KX-R193, KX-R194, KX-R195, KX-R196

(USA Models)
KX-R350, KX-R355, KX-R375