Set of 4 colour plotter pens for Sharp, Casio, Atari and others EA-850C

New old stock dating from the 1980s. Becoming increasingly difficult to source.

Colour Pen Set (1 black, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 red)

Fully compatible with:

Casio FP-100, FA-10 and FA-11 Reference of the original pens BP-1 (color), BP-2 (black). Sharp CE-150, CE-1600P, CE-161P, CE-515P, CE-516P, MZ-1P01, MZ-1P16, MZ-700, MZ-731 and PC-2500. Reference of the original pens EA-850C (color), EA-852C (color) and EA-850B (black). Atari 1020 Canon X-710 Commodore 1520 Oric MCP40 Silver Reed EB50 Astron MCP-40 Brother MCP-80 And many others like: Genera,LBC-1100 Panox, CL-1000, Gould DS 1604, OS 450, Gravenstein GAT,Heinemann AT22, HMT 23, GSI 27, 27A, 28, 28A, Hohmoth Combi 2000, Rhino 200, 2002, 4000, Tymp-Rhino-Combi, Diagnostk-Center, Hörniß & Zeisberg IMP 88 / 89, Horstmann Ultrascan, Interacoustics AT22, Laser PP 40, Loewe PBT 03, Mitutoyo Digimatic Miniprozessor, DP-3DX, DP-2, NEC, PC-6022, Silver Reed EB50, National Matsushita AK-P200, AK-P400C, RK-P400C, NDC PC 6022, Otopront Digitale, Oric MCP 40,Panox CL-1000, , BP 1 , BP 2, Shiruba EB-50, JB-10, Siemens Oscilla D 1040, Silver Reed, EB50, Sony, PRN-C41, Steinmeier, Audiomed, SAT 10, SAT 20, SAM 200, Color BoySony PRN-C 41, Tandy Marco Plotter / Radio Shack, 26-1192, CGP-115, PC-2, Texas Instruments HX-1000