Sold – Criterium Bille Ballpoint Pen 2707 Aluminium

Item sold.

A solid pen constructed from aluminium, with an empty brass refill. The Criterium 2707 is circa 70’s.

Ballpoint extends by depressing the cap; released by clicking down on top of the clip.

Cartridge is empty requiring a replacement, or if possible, refilling.

French patent markings:

George Barnsley Awl

A rare find, multi-functional awl with a solid wood handle and a leather mounted top. Comfortable to use, a good feeling in your palm. The steel shank has a spanner notch for tightening.

No blade is supplied.

Some of our stock has a removable nail inserted into the side, serving the purpose of a thumb marker for regular alignment.

Squares below are 2cm by 2cm.

Do note: stock variance may occur given these are used items, including marks or scratches not shown – however they are all in operational condition.

A great opportunity to own a piece of history from the now defunct Cornish Works.